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  • How US Political Campaigns Work

    Politics in any part of the world is now taken care of like the way a new business starts and then taken care. It requires motivation, long hours of work and the desire to get into people’s heart. Lets begin with the stratergies required step-by step

    Technology: These days, technology is backbone in the modern world. So, by creating a website, tweeting and blogging you become a familiar face within your county and helps you getting popular

    Campaign Staff: Every social organization needs three most important positions to be filled first. They are the treasurer, fund raiser and campaign manager. Even though the first treasurer can be a family member or a trusted friend, it’s better to hire a professional so that unnecessary legal difficulties can easily be taken care of. An experienced treasurer is a boon as he will also take ...

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  • Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World
    By Robert S. Colter, University of Wyoming Marcus Aurelius (121-180CE) was emperor of Rome at the height of its influence and power. One can only imagine the pressures that a person in his position might have experienced. The military might of the empire was massive, and much could happen in the fog of war. Conspiracies […]

Pragmatic Policy and Politics

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The Rambling Weatherdude

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Momma Politico

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    • Nano Skies: Weather War, Chemtrails, and the Toxic Air You Breathe
      Truly, it’s just unbelievable.  After four years of LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) deception, lies, and obstruction in the ever ongoing effort to paint the poorest people in our society (and the meager benefits some of them get) as being the real problem and the only serious drain on the ‘economy,’ we are right back to […]

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      • Is Racism Cultural or Natural?
        To postulate racial discrimination as being natural to the human condition is tantamount to granting to racism a universal biological grounding. In this regard, it would be normal to assume that human beings are racist to varying degrees in their relationships with people of different racial origins. Therefore, the issue of racism taken in this...

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