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    My name is JuJuBe

      Our Big Gayborhood

      • May Is Preeclampsia Awareness Month

        As a 2 spare time Preeclampsia survivor I come up with a special place in my center for preeclampsia recognition. Preeclampsia wased initially explained by Hippocrates around 400BC. Today our company still understand very little about this disorder that (merged with additional hypertensive problems) causes 76,000 maternal and 500,000 crib death yearly. Exactly what is preeclampsia? Preeclampsia is actually a […] The blog post May Is Preeclampsia Recognition Month seemed first on BrainFoggles.… Read Full Post

      The Rational Middle

      • Memorial Day 2014
        A look at the full numbers reveals at least 1.5 million killed serving their country, and at least 1.2 million wounded serving their country. Today, ours is not to evaluate the reasons, motives, or results involved in this butcher's bill. It is simply to acknowledge the terrible cost, and to try and find simple, common ways to celebrate the nobility inherent in the sacrifice...and the hope that such sacrifice can be restricted forever to the pages of history.

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        The Intersection of Madness & Reality

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        FreakOut Nation

        • Images: Conservative Journalist Seeks Donations For ‘Taking Out’ A Black Activist
          Chuck C. Johnson, a California-based fire-breathing, leg-humping 26-year-old ‘journalist’ and owner of (we used a DoNotLink), sent out a jaw-dropping tweet seeking donations to ‘take out’ well known black activist Deray McKesson.                         Johnson’s tweet is either a direct or veiled threat; either one...

        the joshua blog

        A Heathen's Day

        • Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World
          By Robert S. Colter, University of Wyoming Marcus Aurelius (121-180CE) was emperor of Rome at the height of its influence and power. One can only imagine the pressures that a person in his position might have experienced. The military might of the empire was massive, and much could happen in the fog of war. Conspiracies […]

        The Todd Blog

        • A Demagogue Inside Your Head
          Rather than being a rational and pragmatic leader, Obama cowered to the reactionary elements of blind political divisiveness and further marginalized his own unique history to use Mrs. Sherrod's speech -- her whole speech -- and personal story as a "teachable moment."

        The Rambling Weatherdude

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