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      The Public Record

      • APA “Independent” Torture Review Led by Attorney Who Worked With CIA’s Tenet
        The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on the CIA’s interrogation-torture program may or may not be released in truncated form this week, but it is not the only investigation bearing upon the U.S. torture program that promises new revelations. A much-touted “independent review” initiated by the American Psychological Association (APA) into charges it secretly […]

      The Rational Middle

      • Memorial Day 2014
        A look at the full numbers reveals at least 1.5 million killed serving their country, and at least 1.2 million wounded serving their country. Today, ours is not to evaluate the reasons, motives, or results involved in this butcher's bill. It is simply to acknowledge the terrible cost, and to try and find simple, common ways to celebrate the nobility inherent in the sacrifice...and the hope that such sacrifice can be restricted forever to the pages of history.

      Our Big Gayborhood

      News Junkie Post

      • I Implore the Wind: Where Do I Belong?
        Between hundreds of years-old trees I’m searching for my past at top of the mountains. Within shades of greens asking the rivers watering the meadows. Speaking with lotus flowers lying on river beds I’m touching rocks trying to understand what is missed. What is it to belong? What determines belonging? I’m hurt inside by the...

      A World Of Progress

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      The Pigeon Post

      The Political Carnival

      Attention 101

      • Nano Skies: Weather War, Chemtrails, and the Toxic Air You Breathe
        Truly, it’s just unbelievable.  After four years of LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) deception, lies, and obstruction in the ever ongoing effort to paint the poorest people in our society (and the meager benefits some of them get) as being the real problem and the only serious drain on the ‘economy,’ we are right back to […]

      Blogging Blue

      Democratic Change Update

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