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  • Nano Skies: Weather War, Chemtrails, and the Toxic Air You Breathe
    Truly, it’s just unbelievable.  After four years of LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) deception, lies, and obstruction in the ever ongoing effort to paint the poorest people in our society (and the meager benefits some of them get) as being the real problem and the only serious drain on the ‘economy,’ we are right back to […]

Politicus USA

  • Friday Fox Follies – A Shakespearean Festival
    fox news canadaedited
    The death of Ben Bradlee got me thinking about what passes for the sorry state of journalism these days. Watergate reporting may have been the high-water mark, but that should also remind us that Richard Nixon's media architect was Roger Ailes, current president of the Fox "News" Channel, the low water mark.

The Todd Blog

  • A Demagogue Inside Your Head
    Rather than being a rational and pragmatic leader, Obama cowered to the reactionary elements of blind political divisiveness and further marginalized his own unique history to use Mrs. Sherrod's speech -- her whole speech -- and personal story as a "teachable moment."

Rants of Nina

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Our Big Gayborhood

    News Junkie Post

    • Real Democracy Is Not Part of Global Governance
      By Mateo Pimentel There has never been a time quite like the present, when the international political system promises so much potential and so much destruction. This system teems with change. Shifts in the centers of power, for example, can profoundly affect global disparity; they can mean the difference between life and death for innumerable...

    The Rational Middle

    • Memorial Day 2014
      A look at the full numbers reveals at least 1.5 million killed serving their country, and at least 1.2 million wounded serving their country. Today, ours is not to evaluate the reasons, motives, or results involved in this butcher's bill. It is simply to acknowledge the terrible cost, and to try and find simple, common ways to celebrate the nobility inherent in the sacrifice...and the hope that such sacrifice can be restricted forever to the pages of history.

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        A Heathen's Day

        • Society’s Problem with the Breast
          The breast is a threat to many Americans, who neither understand it, nor can get past the idea of sex, which says more about them than about the breast

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        The Intersection of Madness & Reality

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